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Nunavut Bed and Breakfast Inns

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Nunavut is Canada's newest territory, established in 1999 and yet, an ancient land with a rich cultural heritage preserved to provide the visitor with a truly unique experience.

The territorial capital is Iqualuit.

The range of activities available in Nunavut seems endless. The local Inuit are famous for their crafts and artwork. The people provide visitors to their communities with a true welcome, be sure to try some of the unique cuisine.

Fishing opportunities in Nunavut are outstanding.

Try kayaking amongst the icebergs, snowmobiling, or dog-sleigh riding. The range of wildlife to be seen includes polar bears, seals, caribou, whales and walrus. If you are a birdwatcher there is a large variety of birds that fly north to nest and raise their young because of the midnight sun in summertime.


There was once a world before this, and in it lived people who were not of our tribe. But the pillars of the earth collapsed, and all were destroyed. And the world was emptiness. Then two men grew up from a hummock of earth. They were born and fully grown all at once. And they wished to have children. A magic song changed one of them into a woman, and they had children. These were our earliest forefathers, and from them all the lands were peopled.

Tuglik, Igloolik area, 1922

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