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Travel Bytes

(Travel Bytes are local area descriptions provided by people who live in the area or have travelled through it. These comments are provided as is so please excuse the odd spelling or gramatical error.

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Yemen is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You will feel like you jumped back in time, some good thousand years. Men and women still wear traditional garb, the houses look like pictures from your children's Bible (or Koran).

Sanaa the capital is great and is probably your point of entry. The old city is on the world heritage list of UNESCO. Marib is another must see. The Great Marib Dam is a very impressive structure and shows how developed early Yemenite civilizations were. Shibam is dubbed the Manhattan of the desert and is far away but very pretty.

You are sure never to forget a trip to Yemen. Either you enjoy the fantastic ancient architecture, have a great time in the beautiful mountains and appreciate the desert landscapes or you are kidnapped by one of the many tribes who look for tourists because they are good for ransom.

The second of these two options is by far the least likely to happen, but you can't exclude it. A few tourists fall in the hands of rebelling tribes every year. Don't worry too much, though, the tourists are rarely harmed.

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