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Uzbekistan has some of the best preserved islamic cities in the world. Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva all have great historic centres, with a few almost unbelievably beautiful mosques and coranic schools. These are cities you cannot miss, if you are just a tiny bit interested in culture and or Islam.

Uzbekistan has also part of one of the biggest environmental disasters in the world: Aral lake. This lake is slowly disappearing with al the nast consequences for the people living around it. It is a very unhealthy climate near the ex-lake. Worst of all is that this is a man made disaster.

The toughest thing about Uzbekistan is understanding why your tour guide is so reluctant to giving the clients a simple price quote. In truth, the Uzbek currency has a state determined value and a black market value. Uzbek people cannot explain this to you over the internet, phone, fax or otherwise for fear of the tax authorities showing up for an impromptu inspection and accessment. Travelling in Uzbekistan is cheap, but only if you show up dollars in hand and pay cash. Previously, travel agents could book your flights at the local rate. This is no longer the case and foreigners must pay first world prices. Save your cash and see the countryside by hiring a car. The last time I checked, the dollar in the bazaar was worth about five times as much as in the bank. Speak quietly and ask your tour guide to exchange some money. Expect to pay him or her a comission just like you will pay a little more than the local people for everything. S

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