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American Samoa consists of seven islands in the Pacific. While

Western Samoa is a independent country, American Samoa is part of the United States.

The volcanic island of

Tutuila is the largest of the seven islands that comprise American Samoa.

Pago Pago

Harbor, a collapsed volcanic caldera is one of the largest natural harbors in the South Pacific. It cuts deeply into the south-central coast almost dividing the island in two.

From east to west, a steep mountainous spine runs the 20-mile length of the island, punctuated in places by notable summits including Matafao Peak, Tutuila's tallest mountain at 2,142 feet; North Pioa Mountain, popularly known as Rainmaker Mountain, 1,718; and Mount 'Alava, the steep ridgeline looming to the north of Pago Pago Harbor, marking the south boundary of the park area.

About one mile southeast of Tutuila's eastern tip is the volcanic island of


the smallest of the inhabited islands; it can be reached by boat and explored by foot in a day. After you visit the National Park, visits to the east and west ends of the island will reveal more island and ocean scenery and insights into Samoan culture.

The Manu'a Island group includes the volcanic islands of

Ofu and


(joined by a bridge), and


. These islands lie 60 miles east (a 30-minute flight on a small plane) from Tutuila; flights are available between Ofu and Ta'u. These islands are sparsely populated - each village has only a few hundred people.

The National Park area on Ofu includes sand beach and coral reef with a mountain backdrop. There is also and excellent view of Lata Mountain (3,170 feet) on Ta'u, the tallest peak in American Samoa.

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