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Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia. It borders on Russia , China , Uzbekistan , Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan .

It is a beautiful country; however, it is yet undiscovered by tourists. It is the 9th largest country of the world with a little over 16 million people and a lot of places to visit. Those who might be interested in travelling to Kazakhstan should be able to understand its natural beauty, because even though its history is over a thousand years, the nomadic people of Kazakhstan have not left a lot of material evidence of their culture. Their culture, though, has been preserved in their folklore and traditions. I am sure that tourism to Kazakhstan should become more popular within several years, the outdoors lovers will be able to appreciate all the wonderful things that Kazakhstan has to offer.

The old capital city of Almaty - a word, according to the most popular explanation, derived from alma (apple) - is a place most visited. It is a laid back city, with a nice atmosphere. From Almaty you can make excursions into the picturesque mountains nearby or visit the skating rink - one of the fastest outdoor tracks in the world.

The new capital of Astana is not yet a true capital. It is situated in the windy steppes of the northern part of the country, and its climate is not very inviting.

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