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Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is as surreal and over the top as a city can get, with a beguiling mixture of money, glamour, entertainment and a history of sleaze and crime which for most visitors just adds to the excitement.

Built in the desert where the heat of the day encourages nocturnal activity, Las Vegas is a city where faux Egyptian pyramids and miniature versions of Paris, New York and Venice wow the some 37 million tourists who visit every year. Most of the casinos are concentrated along the Las Vegas Strip, full on neon and larger than life fantasyland buildings make it a wonder of the capitalist era. Of course tourists would be disappointed if there were no Elvis impersonators, but the money lavished on the hotels and casinos mean that you will not find Las Vegas run down or outdated as competing casinos spend hard to ensure that gamblers will choose their establishment to offload their cash.

While Las Vegas is primarily a gambling city, its money largely generated by the many 24 hour casinos, there are other attractions. Famously Frank Sinatra performed in Las Vegas back in the days when the city was under the rule of the Mob, and for 5 years Elvis performed at what is now the Las Vegas Hilton. Nowadays, the highlights include big-budget productions by the Cirque de Soleil, and of course, love her or loathe her, Celine Dion. There are some theme park attractions amongst the casinos, but Las Vegas remains a fairly adult playground, and families tend to steer clear.

It is certainly possible to find inexpensive accommodation, food and drink, but in recent years more exclusive, and expensive, hotels and restaurants have also opened to cater to those who really want top quality and who have the cash to buy it. That said some of the restaurants are first class but prices are cheaper than in other cities and tables more available. At the cheaper end of the scale there are numerous great value eateries all along the Strip. It will come as no surprise that alcohol flows freely in all the casinos, where low cost drinks are a way of encouraging gamblers to loosen the purse strings. Las Vegas is now also emerging as a clubbing capital, with varied and spectacular nightclubs to lure the cool kids out to the desert city.

For some Las Vegas is too full on to want to stay for more than a few days. If you think this applies to you then Las Vegas can be enjoyed as part of a tour as it is only 4 hours drive from Los Angeles. We found reasonable Las Vegas flights with Dialaflight. For more details check out their website.
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